Mission Statement
Born out of the “Unpopular Opinions” Youtube show; Unpopular Academy is a site that collects, organises, and points towards concepts, people, and ideologies of the modern right-wing of the political spectrum; and is loosely connected with the community known as “Deep Lore Inc.”

The purpose of this website is to create a pillar of knowledge for the community and act as a road-guide for those seeking to learn more about these ideas. We try to support other communities outside of the mainstream and build bridges by being helpful and supportive. We exist because of a growing concern for an establishment that seems to be moving towards a more authoritarian way of life.

We select affiliations based on perceived usefulness to our users, there is often compensation involved.

Cookies & Tracking
We do not use cookies but we keep track of pagehits and unique visitors via our database. 3rd party integrations may however track you in any number of ways.

Sitecosts is ~150$ yearly, surplus will be spent on hookers, blow and superchats to Unpopular Opinions.

J. Greenriver & S. Male

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