Title: British Economic Growth 1688–1959
Subtitle: Trends and Structure (Department of Applied Economics Monographs)
Author: Phyllis Deane and W. A. Cole
Year of Publication: 1969
Edition: 2nd edition
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-10: 0521095697
ISBN-13: 978-0521095693

A seminal work by authors Phyllis Deane and W. A. Cole that looks into the astounding period of economic growth in Britain during the period spanning from the late 17th century after the overthrow of King James II (Revolution of 1688), through the Scottish Enlightenment, the unprecedented period of growth prior to and during the industrial revolution, and to the economic freedom of the mid to late 19th century, this work is a must-read for anyone studying the history of economics and in particular the birth of economic freedom in western civilisation.
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