Suggestions fixed:

The white the pages are on is very bright and kinda painful to read.
Fixed, the site is now 25-50% more dark!

Having an author's page on the site might be good, listed with all the works from them on the site.
Fixed, we've have some minor work going on regarding listing works on the author page itself but it will be there in a few days.

A search bar when in the Books section? The width of the box that the search bar is in is different to the ones below for books which I find a little distracting.
Fixed, there is now a search available on all pages.

The overall design is a bit grey and spartan.
Fixed(sorta), the design is still grey-ish but more dark and there is more colorful content, we're going to keep it simplistic though to avoid overwhelming users, we've also added a bit of frames which have helped on the design!

Add Deep Lore map!

Maybe have some of the very broad categories of the books, so there is more than just 'All books - Reading lists' at the top of the page. Even if it's just adds Economics, Philosophy, Politics etc.
Fixed, We've setup a tagging system. We will get books tagged correctly over the next few days.

Getting started on YouTube links or other non-book content in general would be a good step in the right direction. Maybe diverge into youtube lecture series? Have a catalogue of playlists.
Fixed, We've expanded into videos!

Also the UO stats sheet link would make more sense if the UO playlist was nearby it

Not sure if the impressive but random as hell UO statistics should be in the prominent top left position, as it's kind of just a bit of fun.
Fixed, Now it's the Deep Lore map!!1!

Need some way to filter the 'All Books' and sort them. By topic, reading list, date of publishing, author etc etc. Though I'm sure something like that was on the to do list anyway.
Fixed, Tagging and Authors will now be available as a method to find books(and videos)

Perhaps you could also do some more reading lists? Current have "Greek and Roman Philosophy" and "Austrian and Neoclassical Economics", maybe do things like expand into other areas, cus I doubt all the books on the site fit into those two categories. Perhaps "Understanding Politics" and "Conservative Trains of Thought" or something like that.
Fixed(sorta), We've setup a "Wanted!"-poster in the reading list section to encourage more reading lists being submitted!.

YouTube integration with AA's channel?
Fixed, some integration have occurred!

When you click on the book of a particular author, have links on that page to other books by that author, or books of a similar topic in general? A "similar products" list, if you will. Like if I click on a Milton Friedman book, have it list other books by Friedman at the bottom of the page.
Fixed, this will be available during the next few days.

A mission statement for the site would maybe be good
Fixed, it's now available through the about-page(see the bottom bar).


Feedback that is still under consideration or that we're looking to figure out a way to implement/improve.

Maybe in the individual book pages it should say what reading lists it is part of, or otherwise recommend related texts.
We will probably find a way that is smart to do this, still thinking about it.

A. Since it's an academy, various track options like university majors might be something to look into.
B. A levelling-up feature or some type of internal credentialing system would be nice to keep track of a user's progress through the reading.
C. A way to track progress and to see how far along down someone is in a specific branch can help with motivation and bounce around different tracks while still making progress.
Yes, this is definitely something on our mind, implementation is still up in the air but we're thinking about it however it's a huge job because it requires individual profiles and the ability to link your profile/results to friends etc. None of these things are currently properly added besides the out-most basics functionality and we could get a lot more effective use on the site out of focusing our effort on the information itself.

Mark items with "Beginners", "Intermediate", "Advanced".
Yes, the reason why we don't have this right now is because this can be subjective, we want to have a streamlined methodology to it.

Some type of article section for people to post their writings and thoughts that are polished for public viewing and mostly internal viewing. Maybe writing papers of various lengths about a topic is a way of showing how much someone has learned and part of the credentialing system.
This might be interesting once we've added more user-friendly profiles(this is probably far out into the future).

Teaching modules e.g. guide to under stand the basics of [...]. Here is a list of arguments pro/contra [...]. Here you find a collection of al the works of ....
Yeah, so we already have something similar in the form of Reading Lists and the upcoming list-of-works feature in regards to authors but in order to have more along the lines of this we will need to figure out a practical approach to this idea, we haven't dismissed the idea but we're searching for the right approach to it.

Perhaps take a look at the search function? Seems very minimalistic, like if I search for a book it doesn't show a picture of the book, just the name and keywords.
Yes, we're looking into this!


Suggestions that wasn't fixed and/or is dismissed for now!

Adding a tasteful background pic on the site instead of the dark grey backdrop would make it more pleasing to look at
We've added a few frames and such to make the site more appealing instead.

Probably the reading list should be a bit more front and center rather than in the bottom corner. A separate tab for Reading Lists?
Reading Lists are also available as a menu link via the Book section.

It might make more sense for the guidance, info, social media and site to be dropdown tabs under the website name instead of at the bottom of the page
We've decided for a few overarching areas for the top menu for now.

No website is complete without a tipjar for developers ofc!
Thank you for thinking of us however both developers are rightwing.

Once you are into the books pages, the previous and next buttons should probably be fixed at the top, because they can change position quite a lot if the book has a big description. I think putting the title in text or an image indicating what the book is which the next and prev buttons will lead to might be nice.
In order to streamline navigation on the site, we've decided to remove the next and prev buttons, this is a USX decision.

Perhaps have the admin menu shown at all times with menulinks for everything(quicknavigation).
We've streamlined navigation to be exclusive up in the topright corner apart from the frontpage which is in the topleft and miscellaneous information which is in the bottom. It should be easier to find everything you're looking for now, again a USX decision.

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