Academic Agent News

AA has received the keys to his loge and have changed his broadcasting schedule to Monday(Deepest Lore), Tuesday(Unpopular Opinions) and Wednesday(Cigarstream).

AA has released his early creative writings as a book.

AA has released a new course: Foundations of Research

After a long hiatus it seems that we’re back in business!

Community News

JGreenriver – November 17th, 2021
JGreenriver – September 22nd, 2021

We’ve added two new pages(courses & basketweaving) and updated the frontpage.

We’ve released a guide for getting into our communities on Matrix

Update: K1d just made a video to make it even easier!

JGreenriver – August 3rd, 2021

Site has been fully updated!

In other news AA will be speaking at the Scyldings Event: “Where do we go from here?”.