Shallow Lore

Chitchat about everything happening surrounding Academic Agent here!

Unpopular Academy

Seeking answers to academic topics? Got knowledge on a topic?
Join us here, learn and expand what we all know about a multitude of topics!


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The Fab

Build your own tech infrastructure. One step at a time. Learn from others, share resources and make sense of current technology. A place to discuss hardware, languages & frameworks and how they can be applied to decentralise from woke tech. Whether it’s securing your personal assets or developing services for others in your network, start here.

Econ Chat

Recognise the reality of human action in all economic affairs. Econ Chat is a wholesome discussion server, following Radical Liberation’s videos, covering a wide range of topics from Austrian economics to currency and history. You don’t need a bow tie to enter, but be prepared to have some illusions shattered.